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If you require a service not listed, get in touch to book a consultation


May Include, but are not limited to:

  • Printing/Photocopying $0.35/page

  • Mileage @ $0.95/Km + tax

  • Parking @ Cost

  • Postage @ Cost

  • Court Fees @ Cost

  • Courier Fee (Ontario) $65.00 + tax (this must be requested, includes cost and time)

Pricing: Features


Package 1

$250.00 + tax for up to 10 hours of work in a 30-day period

Package 2

$550.00 + tax for up to 20 hours of work in a 30-day period

Package 3

$950.00 + tax for up to 30 hours of work in a 30-day period

**Package prices account for time spent only - depending on tasks chosen, disbursements may apply**

You may also choose to hire on a per-task basis

Tasks available for hire

  • Dictation typing

  • Drafting and Editing correspondence and documents

  • Sending out reporting letters, correspondence, etc.

  • CRM data entry

  • Setting your team up for project/task management organization

  • Policy and procedure writing

  • Data Entry on Ulaw or Clio for receipts, banking transactions etc.

  • Rendering Accounts

  • Scanning and saving physical documents (best used by Niagara Falls practitioners, as Michele can come get materials and bring physical documents back upon completion) 

and more...

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