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Michele Longhurst was born and raised in Niagara Falls, Ontario. She attended Brock University between 2001-2005, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. 

Prior to getting a job in the mental health field, Michele worked numerous administration positions, often overlapping one or two to get as many hours and experience she could.

In 2005, Michele got her first job in the Legal community at a local law firm, known as Martin Sheppard Fraser (MSF). This was a contract pregnancy leave position as a legal assistant under the direction and supervision of a Corporate Law Lawyer. During this time, Michele was responsible for the preparation of Annual Resolutions, assisted with incorporating companies, managed minute books, typed agreements between partners, shareholders and more.

From MSF, Michele moved over to work with Bev Hodgson, of Bev Hodgson Law Office in Niagara Falls. Although Michele worked for Ms. Hodgson for only one (1) year before moving onto a career in mental health services, she returned numerous times over the years between 2006-2017, providing services part-time, filling in, working after hours or working on weekends. Here Michele was afforded the opportunity to learn how to manage uncontested Family Law matters, Wills, drafting separation and other agreements, and manage and maintain filing systems for open and closed files.

Between 2007-2015, Michele built a career working in mental health, addiction, and homelessness services in both the Niagara Region, and within the City of Hamilton. Unfortunately, after suffering from work-related trauma, Michele was no longer able to continue working in this field, and chose instead to return to the legal community.

Michele opted to return to school in 2016, at Mohawk College, and pursue her diploma in Paralegal Studies, where she graduated with Honours.

In 2017, Michele was a Paralegal licensed with the Law Society of Ontario, and was hired on by her Paralegal placement for full-time employment in the Legal Department of a St. Catharines building supply corporation.

From 2017-2019, Michele worked under a Lawyer, who was head of the department and was an active part in providing services for or assisting the lawyer with matters relating to: Civil litigation; Small Claims; employment matters; and Provincial Offence matters. It was at this job that Michele had an opportunity to: work with numerous process serving agencies, and visited/attended at multiple courthouses throughout Ontario.

In 2018, Michele started Leo Traits Process Serving and Legal Assistance, to provide quality legal services to the Legal Community, as well as to the general public.

Between 2018-2019, Michele's main focus was on Process Serving, however, she did provide legal assistance to a handful of lawyers (Civil Litigation and Family Law) and paralegals through this time period and into 2020. 

After months of suspended services, lock downs, court closures and modifications to the legal community, Michele chose to change her status with the Law Society of Ontario to not providing legal services.

Michele now provides legal assistance services remotely for other legal practitioners who may not have the time and money that comes with hiring new staff, but who are nonetheless: struggling to keep afloat; need some pressure alleviated; or need a bit of help here and there.

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